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From The Desk Of Ryan Morgan aka 

Dear Future Partner, 
If you’re tired of…

✓ Reviewing business opportunities
Feeling that you’re never get the best deal
Trying new things only to end in failure

Then I have the perfect solution for you. 

If you’re reading this letter then you have been handed the keys to making money online On Your Terms.

Let me explain… 

The Opportunity

Instead of building a generalist Amazon, Ebay or Shopify business. I’m going to build you a niched down Ecommerce Brand that will scale much faster. Why? 

Well for ONE, You’re not going to be competing on a third party platform like everyone else and…TWOYour brand is going to be laser targeted to a niche that squeezes the value out of each customer for life! Your customers will be joining a subscription service.. Meaning… When you gain a new customer. You will be getting paid every 30 days! 

Think: Dollar Shave ClubBark BoxFabfitfun

How It Works 

Unlike our competitors on Amazon, Ebay and Shopify that cram dozens of products to a single page.. We will be giving your customers ONE SINGLE CHOICE. Giving people less options increases conversion rates and therefore increases sales!!  When you pick a winning niche and give your customers two options it is much easier to scale your business. 

Option 1) Buy the product
Option 2) Leave

Why This Is The Best Model 

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The State of the Ecommerce Industry

According to Forbes

Here’s another fact,
80% of business fail within their first year.

The average Ecom owner isn’t making a profit even when they make a sale!

Here is the old way to do Ecom (the way I was doing to make 300k in 5 months):




Same traffic + same product! But increased revenue by 42,932%

1 customer in Shopify= $.03 cents

1 in funnel $13.91

100 customers in Shopify= -$3.00

100 Customers in funnel= $1,391

1,000 shopify= $-30.00

1,000 in funnel= $13,910

How the Investment Works

How we work is simple. 

Other than the initial investment we will come to you requesting for a modest monthly ad budget. AFTER we have determined the cost to acquire a new customer.  

In addition to this Done For You Service. We are also going to TEACH you how to set up these funnels on your own.  After you are confident on your own. You can purchase a new business at a wholesale cost.

The Terms


We are a big believer in finding what works for ANYONE. 

So maybe you don’t want to learn how to do Ecom. That’s fine. 

Everyone that purchases a store from us will gain FREE Lifetime access to the 

ADC Consulting Program. 

The goal of the ADC Consulting program is to teach anyone how to find a profitable Consulting niche. These niches range from Ecom, Personal/Business Funding, Credit Repair, Education, Marketing and Investments. 

Following Covid 19 the world will NEVER be the same. 

It is imperative that you and your family begin to develop skills and have access to a network of people that have already successfully learned how to earn a living making money online. 

Unlike most of our Ecommerce Competitors we will be offering you a money back guarantee on your principal purchase. Not happy with our service?


Explain the process after I pay

 After you paid we get started on building out your funnel immediately this includes picking a niche, a winning product and completing your website.

During this process we will be teaching you free methods you can begin to implement so that you can begin to generate free traffic to your page the moment it is ready. 

How long will it take me to see a full return?

You should expect to see a full return in the 3-5 months at the latest. 

What is needed from me to succeed?

Other than a willingness to learn and participate with free traffic sources. Nothing other than a modest ad budget of $2,000-$5,000. We will not ask for an ad budget until after we’ve done some testing on our own to find the cost to acquire a customer. We recommend using a credit card once we have determined this cost so we can recycle capital and grow the store much faster. 

How much time is required to make this business profitable?

It isn’t really about time it is about execution. If you want to be involved hands on then we recommend budgeting at least 2-5 hours. 

How quickly can I learn how to build my own?

After about 4 months you should have all the skills required to learn how to build your own automated online business. 

How long will you mentor me?

When you join you will have access to our community and team for life. We will always make ourselves available to answer questions for our clients.

If you’re one of those people that skip straight to the bottom of a sales letter here’s the deal… I created a successful ecommerce brokerage helping people set up automated online businesses through Amazon, Ebay and Shopify.

I recently discovered a new model and team of experts however that deliver 42% more profit than all of the other guys! 

I have direct access to the top experts in this space. (They live 30 minutes away from me.) 

Unlike my other experts. I will be also giving you the knowledge, tools, and skills to set these businesses up on your own!

These include 

  1. How to Find a Hot selling Niche
  2. How to set up a profitable subscription funnel 
  3. How to generate FREE traffic
  4. Where to find the best products 

I’m offering you a business where you don’t have to do ANYTHING to make money online. 

But if you want to have hands on control. Then I will teach you everything you need to know to build your own. 

Basically. I’m handing you training wheels and when you’re ready…

You can ride off into the sun set. 

I look forward to seeing you win. 

We Did the Work. We have the Proof. It’s All Done 

Ryan Morgan- Mr.